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Hi. I'm a web animal lover.a “casual” avid learner.
I live and work in beautiful Utah.
I love coding new things.


Code Tutoring

I focus on teaching with compassion. I love tutoring and I can work with all ages.

Web Development

This is my primary area of expertise. I have over 10 years of experience in the field.

Blog Writer

I believe it's important to share and contribute content to the developer community.

Project Management

I have strong project management skills and can self-manage well as needed.


Launch Your Site Automatically with WebhooksUse Webhooks to Deploy Your Netlify Site When a ButterCMS Post Changes

Use a Webhook to automatically build and deploy your site on Netlify after you create, update, or delete a post in ButterCMS. This way you avoid having to manually rebuild and redeploy your site just to fix a typo in a post.

Desktop animationAnimate Page Transitions with a Fade Effect in Gatsby

This tutorial will show you how to animate page content as you navigate from one page of your Gatsby site to the next. The effect we'll use is similar to a Fade In/Fade Out, and is shipped as the default effect in gatsby-v2-plugin-page-transitions, which is the plugin we'll install.

JavaScript FileWhat is Destructuring in JavaScript?

There are several ways to think about what destructuring is. One is in terms of assignment, the other in terms of parameters. Both perform the basic function of getting rid of repetitive code. First we'll talk about assignment, then parameters.

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