Best Professional Development Resources Available Online

Professional Development

We will always be learning new things as our field evolves over time, so I wanted to list out my favorite online learning platforms for front end engineers (at various levels). While none of the below services are free, they are well worth the investment because a subscription is an investment in yourself and your own earning power.

Each has its own particular strength, which I've called out below:

Best Mid and Advanced Level Content
Pluralsight Logo

Pluralsight tends to have instructors that will dive into more advanced content during lectures, which is great if you've been around the blocks a few times. Course transcripts and the ability to adjust video playback speed make this a decent platform to invest in for professional development.

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Most Beginner-Friendly

Treehouse Graphic

Learning web development is hard enough, so when platforms manage to make it easier, especially on newbies, it's a great thing for the community as a whole.

Treehouse has some of the most clear and concise content I've seen in the video format, and the pace is great (and customizeable) for those that are newer to front end engineering.

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Top Content Accuracy and Relevance

Smashing Magazine Icon

For years and years, Smashing Magazine has consistently churned out quality content for designers and developers of all levels. I know I can trust what I read on their website, and I can also trust that it's worth learning what they publish. Check out Smashing Magazine.

Most Usable/Effective Platform

Educative Logo

Educative allows you to take notes and highlight content as you go, making it the most textbook-like digital content I've come across. There are no videos which I LOVE, but that may deter others.

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Best Front End Engineering Content

Frontend Masters Logo

Frontend Masters caters to both front end and full stack developers, offering subject matter from some of the most lauded experts in their respective disciplines. View the course catalog to get a better idea of the breadth of content and who you will get to learn from.

Frontend Masters