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Programmer on a Laptop
Women In Computing Are Losing Ground
Inclusion and DiversityIndustry

The Women Tech Council recently hosted a virtual summit on the first female recession, which caught my attention because I assumed women’s progress in computer science had been improving. The information presented proved me horribly wrong.

Woman on a Laptop
A Curated List of Cheatsheets for Developers

As a tribute to my young, homework-nerd self, I've compiled a list of some of the best cheat sheets I could find for web development purposes (although admittedly I favored the things I just happen to need sometimes).

Heart and Mind
Perilous Confusion and the Opportunity for Growth
Soft SkillsPersonal Growth

To make the most (or anything at all) of the beautiful gift of confusion, you must be able to step back a bit and transform your doubts into productive thoughts. Instead of letting panic and self-doubt creep in, try to start learning.

Clean Up Developments Commits By Combining Them Into One

This post demonstrates how you can clean up your commit history on a local branch prior to merging it into another branch. Often times the frequent commits we keep when develping on our local branches are rushed and or ill-thought out.